About Us

Since 2006, the QOD COSMETIC has been gaining more customers. Famous in southern Brazil for cosmetic solutions for dedicatedlines, the QOD decided to create her own line of products. QOD remains at the forefront of cosmetology, launching 10 new products each year. Today there are over 36 online products. QODAMERICA.com is QOD’s official online store.

Your hair is one of the first things people will notice when they see you for the very first time. When you suffer a bad hair day it can either make or break your day. That is why it is crucial to maintain a healthy hair.


About Our Products 


The QOD COSMETIC is present in over 36 countries wordlwide, with products developed within the line, specifically for each world region.


Our specialty product lines include:


QOD OrganiQ:

Our newest formula is 100% free of aldehyde and formaldehyde. The OrganiQ composite is completely new.  Entirely free of undesirable chemicals and odors, its products are easy to apply, as required by professionals, and are immediately rinsable, as desired by customers.


QOD Gold 
QOD’s flagship product contains high-powered nutrients that strip away waste and impurities. QOD gold never strips away the protective layer of Keratin and leaves hair straight, smooth and shiny.

QOD Fast  and QOD Noqturne
QOD Fast  and QOD Noqturne provide a perfect reconstruction of the hair in only 4 minutes. They are practical for applying and they leave the hair soft, silky with closed cuticles. They increase the durability of general treatments and colorations.